(n.) a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, & cultivation of life's pleasures.

 Hello! I'm Kailey and welcome to The Bloggery! Here you will find a plethora of lifestyle content focusing on style, wellness, life hacks, home + garden, and more! I also use this blog almost like a diary. Sometimes I just have to write.

I have been a writer since I learned to use a pen. Having this platform to dive into that passion along side helping other people has been such a fulfilling experiencing! It has provided some amazing opportunities that I love sharing with you guys. 

When I am not blogging I am covered in mounds of yarn and crafting material. I started a design business after getting my Event Design certification from The Wedding Planning Institute. I named the business Earth Entwine reflecting that each design is made or entwined with Earth friendly and recycled materials!

I started my etsy shop and began specializing in painted globes, calligraphy, and fiber art!

Why did I start the business? Good question!

Long story short, I was a competitive dancer from a young age and knew nothing else. Dance was my everything, my way of life, my art. 

One day, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Yes, they are suppose to find that when you are a baby and most commonly found in dogs. So, cool.

Just like that....my dance career, my life, as I knew it was over. I had no plan B. I left no room in my heart for anything else. Just...dance.

To have something ripped away from you like that...

It was unbearable. The absolute lowest point of my life.

Then God...

He planted a new passion in me that provided me with an artistic outlet that didn't require my legs. Which meant I could do it throughout all of my surgeries and not miss a beat. What a blessing!! 

To date, I am still doing physically therapy and probably will be doing some sort of PT for the rest of my life. Just how it is, whatever we all have our sh**.

BUT the cool thing about having to learn so much about health and anatomy is that I have SO MUCH HELPFUL INFORMATION TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS!!! 

It is all worth it if I can make a help someone out!

Lady Liberosis?


People ask me why I refer to myself as Lady Liberosis.

Liberosis is the the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life. That is pretty much my everyday yearning. I feel I am in constant  pursuit of liberating experiences. I always find myself wanting to make others feel liberated from something, set them free of something.


I hope my Bloggery is a place you go to learn cool things, expand your creativity, and learn to loosen your grip on life.

Thank you for following and supporting you are a blessing!!


* Scavenger Hunt : As you read along, keep a look out for sales and discount codes!!


Lady Liberosis



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